We greatly appreciate the opportunity to produce your custom Silicone Bracelets. We take pride in working with Fundraisers and charitable events. A large percentage of the wristbands we sell are for fund-raising. The perfect fundraiser is one that both makes money for a cause and raises awareness about that cause. Silicone wristbands from www.wristbandgalaxy.com are the fund-raising idea that keeps on giving. Not only can you make money for your cause by buying high quality silicone wristbands for a low cost and selling them for a profit, you can custom imprint your own message on the wristband to spread ongoing awareness about your issue.

Fundraising wristbands became excessively popular with Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Bracelet, a yellow silicone wristband founded by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise money for cancer research. The foundation was able to raise millions of dollars by selling these bands.

All wristbands from www.wristbands4cheap.com are made of 100% silicone that is flexible, long-lasting, non-allergenic, water resistant, eye-catching, and soft. Our wristbands are trendy, affordable, and completely customizable.

Most fund- raising wristbands bands sell for an average of $2 each. Our 1” bands usually go for an average of $5 each. We have even seen some music bands sell our 1” wristbands at shows and on their website for $20 each! and they can’t keep them in stock!

Some examples: Purchase 1000 debossed wristbands for $270.00 ($.27 each) Sell for $2.00 each for a total of $2,000.00 ! That is a profit of $1,730.00!

Debossed printed bands have a higher perceived value due to their fancier look. if you sold them for $3 each, a 1000 piece order would net you a profit of $2,680.00!

The sky is the limit for 1” bands! these are the most popular among youth groups, music bands and churches. When We have customers ask how much they should sell the bands for, we give them an analogy like this that is 100% true! :

If someone can spend $6-7 dollars for a cup of coffee and $5-6 dollars for an energy drink, asking $3 for an awareness band that will last for years is a drop in the bucket. Most people have more change than that in their car or between their couch cushions!


Bottom line, we are set up for fund-raising it is our bread and butter. The more you order, the lower the per piece price and the more money you can potentially make! call us at 877-454-6400 with any questions you may have or click the link below to order online and receive free wristbands!

with every order you receive the following:
Free quote & proof no mold fees
free artwork 10 day production
free fed-ex shipping 100% satisfaction guarantee
free revisions order your wristbands now!